frequently asked

How do I buy your art? 

My pottery and paintings are sold through this website, and my private shop in Edmonton, Ab (by appointment only, due to Covid) 

I sell a batch of items online every couple months. Sale dates and times can be found on the "next shop update" page, or on my instagram bio. Items go quickly, set an alarm! 

Want to see previews of what's to come in the update? Watch my instagram posts and stories for plenty of previews!

Your shop sells out quickly, how do I snag a piece?!

Your best bet is to set an alarm for my update and hit the store right on time. Having your credit card handy is a must, as others can buy the pieces in your cart if they're quicker. Better yet, save your credit card info on your phone so it auto-fills! 

So sorry if you don't get the piece you were after. I understand how frustrating and heartbreaking that can be! Please keep trying, and know that I appreciate your support.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes, but I am CURRENTLY FULL FOR CUSTOM ORDERS! I take on a new batch of custom every few months. My next batch of customs will be completed between may-Aug 2021

How will I know when you're open to customs?

When I decide to take on a batch of customs I'll announce it on my "shop update" page and my instagram @oilandbirch 

Note: when taking on customs, I choose projects that fit within my skill set and style of ceramics (no animal portraits, or copying other potters)  Customers must submit a request, detailing their ideas ❤️

 Do you offer local pick up/drop off?

Pick-ups are available at my studio/shop by appointment. 

Do you ship worldwide? What's your packaging like?

Currently shipping to north America for shop updates, and worldwide shipping for custom work. If you're living elsewhere and want to discuss shipping, please contact me by email or instagram. I'm happy to ship elsewhere if your country's borders are open. 

Pottery is bulky and fragile, and requires careful packaging in order to arrive safely. It is expensive to pack and ship these orders. Unfortunately Canada Post does not offer coverage for ceramics, so I do my ABSOLUTE BEST to pack them safely. If you receive an order with shipping damage (smashed, cracked) please contact me, send photos and I'll replace the item out of my own pocket.

I ship with recycled/reused materials for packaging. It may seem strange to receive your order in a random box, but I'm willing to sacrifice a curate look for the landfills. PLEASE properly recycle the materials I ship you! Thank you! 

How do I care for my oil&birch pottery?

Avoid the microwave and dishwasher for longevity. Putting your pottery in the microwave can cause small cracks in the glaze and put stress on the piece. If your piece has metallic accents DO NO MICROWAVE OR PUT IT IN THE DISHWASHER.

Handmade - Hand wash!  

Are you taking on new retail stores & wholesale?

No. Most shops and wholesale deals will take 30-50% of each sale. Since ceramics are my livelihood I simply can't afford to give up that percentage - though I appreciate the love and interest <3 

Unaswered questions? Feel free to reach out through the "contact" section of my website, or DM me on instagram!