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The potter

Oh hello! I'm Brin Steeves, the one woman show behind Oil & Birch Ceramics.

I'm responsible for creating the pottery and all the content you see throughout my social media and website! As of 2020 this creative venture is my full time work, thanks to people like you buying and sharing my work. I can't express how much your ongoing support means to me, I never imagined paying my bills with ceramic bowls!

Some details about me and my world - I'm an advocate and trained social worker. I spent the last 7 years serving and growing in Edmonton's inner city, working closely with Indigenous, LGBTQ2S+ and homeless youth. They've helped me as much as I've helped them, and I'll continue to do what I can to serve those communities. My trauma informed practice is what inspires my "strengths-based ceramics" - striving to help others see their super powers. Another core part of my identity is being a active member of Edmonton's art, tattoo and alternative/hardcore music scene. Every week I'm out at local shop or show, showing up in any way I can. Artists supporting artists supporting artists!

I've been a painter for roughly 12 years! I started taking pottery classes in the fall of 2015, when my lifelong pal passed away. It helped me cope through the hardest period of my life, and I'm grateful I gave it a try. Over 5 years I've had many mentors in many clay studios. I've taken classes at the Saskatoon, Devon & St Albert potters guilds, Viva clayworks, and ENTs.

Some of my biggest clay accomplishments yet have been setting up my home studio, purchasing my wheel and kiln, and going full time. I've sold out at markets I admire (like the Royal Bison) and have a demand I can barely keep up with!! What a time to be alive.