Online workshop - welcoming 2024

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Online workshop - welcoming 2024

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Date :
Thursday Dec 21st, 6 pm - 830 pm mst

- busy during this time? All guests will recieve the prompts emailed to them. That way you can do it on your own time 🖤
- need to leave early? Attendees are welcoming to leave anytime they feel like it

Platform : Online workshop, through Zoom

Who is this open to : Literally everyone! no requirements or skills needed to join!

Cost : 20$ CAD, paid through my website

What to expect : This online workshop will be a chill, gently guided session encouraging folks to reflect on the past year, themselves, and the year to come. I will be leading the session with prompts that invite reflection, and a light hearted take on a year in review. Guests have 10-15 minutes in between each prompt/question to reflect, create, journal, etc. Towards the end of the session I'll open up the chat to anyone who wants to discuss or share how the workshop felt/what they discovered, etc.

In previous online classes guests kept their cameras and mics off, and engaged by typing in the chat! These exercizes are personal, and wont be shared with the group.

Ways you can take part : There is no right or wrong way to engage in this workshop! You can simply sit and listen, and think about your answers. You can write them down, journal, draw, paint, sculpt, stretch, dance, knit, etc. You can take notes on your phone or laptop, then complete the activities later. Whatever is best suited for your learning style and comfort level.
Personally, I like to journal this activity and reflect using my words, lists and quick drawings.

Accessibility : I will have captions turned on during the session , plus every prompt/question will be typed out and sent to the chat. Additionally all of the prompts are emailed to guests afterwards !

Who is hosting? : Hi! My name is Brin, I run the oil&birch business and social media. Before embarking in art full-time I was a social worker at an inner city arts based agency for youth! We worked alongside amazing artists who were often struggling with poverty, homelessness, mental health, addiction, and oppressive systems. My job in the art studio was to help these talented young folks find ways to express themselves through art. I spent my days listening, learning, teaching, playing, and helping make art accessible. I have lived experience with art therapy, and I attended training through the Prairie Institute of Expressive Arts Therapy in Calgary. Though I am NOT a therapist,
I love teaching folks that art is for everyone, it's not a private club. More on this later, if you decide to take part in my online class!

Question? Feel free to email me at
[email protected]